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Title: a DAY IN THE LIFE OF A LONDON POLICEMAN [Main] Film Number: IWM 1062-18
Summary: Rough cut of an account of typical uniformed police duties in London, probably winter 1917. Date: 1917(?)
Description: A patrol of ten constables assembles in a courtyard inside Scotland Yard. A pay parade for constables, also in Scotland Yard. Mounted policemen supervise the march of the Army relief guard and band up the Mall and through the gates of Buckingham Palace. Policemen on traffic duty at the junction of Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street help pedestrians, including convalescent soldiers, a blind man, and Australians to cross. The traffic is heavy, including several buses. (Note the advertisement on one for "The Better 'Ole", the Bairnsfather play.) In an acted scene, an old man falls ill on a bench on the Embankment, and while one constable summons an ambulance another gives first aid. Trams pass until the ambulance comes. A policeman on duty in the East End holds up traffic for children as they rush out of school. A constable takes a lost little girl to the station to be collected by her mother. Mounted policemen leave Scotland Yard on patrol. A policeman outside the Russian Embassy directs a Russian sergeant who, according to the caption, has been twice wounded, and escaped after 20 months in Germany, "and is still keen to strike again for liberty". A constable on routine patrol checks that a shop is locked up. Two policemen off duty wander down the Embankment against the setting sun, smoking and talking. Running Time: Footage: 779 ft; Running time: 13 mins
Production Company, Cast and Credits: N/A
Production Country: GB
Access Conditions: IWM Technical Details: Colour: B&W
Sound: Silent
Language Soundtrack: N/A
Language Title: N/A
Language Subtitles: N/A
Film Format: 35mm
IWM related items: N/A Notes: Title: this and the subtitles are MS flashframes