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BORNE ON TWO WINGS : a malaria episode [Main]

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Title: BORNE ON TWO WINGS : a malaria episode [Main] Film Number: DRA 3002
Summary: A humorous treatment of the danger of the malarial mosquito, and of the necessary counter-measures. Date: 1945
Description: The story is told by a succession of cartoons (not animated) and captions, the soundtrack providing music only, and concerns the career and effects of 'Noffie the Skita'. 'Noffie' bites 'Little Black Sambo' and imbibes in his blood malaria germs which she passes on to 'Private Thomas Atkins, 1st Quinine's Own.' 'Atkins' develops malaria, becoming part of a regimental epidemic; the CO ('Lieutenant-Colonel Fire-Brimstone') orders the MO 'Captain Ague' to halt the epidemic, which 'Ague' achieves by enforcing strict personal precautions on all troops, and by carrying the counter-offensive into mosquito breeding-grounds and the native villages. 'Noffie's' children are annihilated, the epidemic ends, and 'Ague' is left with nothing to do but pursue his nurse. A closing title warns "MALARIA IS NO JOKE" (over a skull) adding "Protect yourself, it's YOUR health. It's in YOUR OWN Keeping." Running Time: Footage: 1687 ft; Running time: 18 mins
Production Company, Cast and Credits: War Office; Army Kinematograph Service
Production Country: GB
Access Conditions: N/A Technical Details: Colour: Colour
Sound: Sound
Language Soundtrack: N/A
Language Title: N/A
Language Subtitles: N/A
Film Format: 35mm
IWM related items: N/A Notes: Remarks: not very effective - the film is too long for the style, and in any case the mixture of comedy and serious intent is frequently unhappy. For a better malaria training film see YOU TOO CAN GET MALARIA(COI 397).